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"We’re two perfectly matching pieces, just different puzzles."
Epik High -  Amor Fati (ft. Kim Jong Wan [Nell])

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„i like it more and more; i’m happy because i am me.”

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Haters who hate even when I give, let me just say one thing, that’s no no


“Love is how you stay alive, even after you are gone.” 

to the ones who lost their lives ( our lovely & pure code, eunbi and risae as well as the driver ): thank you for existing. Through ladies’ code you brought happiness to the hearts of many, and for that lavely’s will continue to love and cherish you. The driver, who also tragically lost his life, thank you for being with our girls until the end. Althoug many of us are hurt and heartbroken about this tragedy, our sympathies lie more with sojung, ashley and zuny as well as the families and friends of go eunbi, kwon risae and their driver. we will love you until forever.


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F(x) Red Light Lyric Posters
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Milk & Paper Heart

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f(x)’s most viewed performances (insp.)

 140923 Mino @ Winner 1st Japan Tour - Zepp Sapporo
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