09.26.2014. happy 23rd birthday to the lovely and adorable hyung of WINNER, kim jinwoo! ♥ 

i completely forgot to announce i’m going on a hiatus here too (i did it on twitter but not all of you use it/follow me). so yeah, the first weeks of med school have been hard and very stressful and in two weeks i’ll have my first two exams. hiatus is absolutely needed (my days are as busy as they’ve ever been right now and tumblr/twitter wouldn’t even get 2 minutes of attention). hopefully i will be back sometime in october. i love y’all and i will miss you! take care 

and btw thanks to the new followers!!! i’m so sorry i’m not active rn. i hope we’ll get to know each other as soon as i’m back C:

"let’s have debuted by your next birthday!"
- WIN ep 7, jinwoo’s birthday 2013.
happy birthday once again, jinwoo! within that one year since WIN, you have achieved so much and made such vast improvements as a performer which we’re all grateful to have been able to witness. aside from working hard without complaints, you’re also one of the nicest, sweetest, most genuine idols who seems to be kind to a fault, to the point that it can get worrying. remember, don’t follow strangers around and don’t get lost okay! thank you for being the eldest hyung of winner, always silently supporting the other members and constantly trying so hard to improve yourself as a performer. i hope you realize that your efforts have definitely not gone to waste, and that you can be more confident and assured of your worth in future. happy birthday, we love you! ♡ [ 0926 ]


*re-reads sex chapter of fanfiction over breakfast cereal like it’s the morning paper*

what do i even caption this


blobyblo: 바비인형과 비둘기 그 사이